#CHFANOW Sept 21-24 @ Toronto Exhibition Place |  Retailers and health practitioners attend for FREE! 

Canada's Largest Family-Owned National Food Distributor

Our team begins with a strong foundation, as the Neal brothers paved the way by making croutons in their mother’s kitchen back in 1988. Fast forward two decades later, Jonluca Neal launched their business with passion, determination, two guys, a few chest freezers, and an ice cream delivery van.

In 2023, these companies joined together to form the powerhouse that is Jonluca Neal. With over 35 years of growth and expansion as a family-owned and operated business, we have paved the way to success. We have a team of 130+ incredibly talented employees, offering services to 4300+ points of distribution in Canada. Additionally, we boast a fleet of 15 trucks, run two tri-temp facilities in Vaughan, ON and Burnaby, BC, and have ample room for continued expansion.

We’re immensely proud of all that we’ve accomplished and are grateful for the opportunities that have led us to become the industry-leading company we are today: Jonluca Neal. Stronger Together.


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