• Evan (Casey's Son) basking in the summer
  • Leslie E. and her granddaughter Claire
  • Cliff E. and his son Liam at graduation
  • Cliff's stepdaughter before prom
  • Everly R. and her son Atlas
  • Julie S. and her daughter, off to overnight camp!
  • Our awesome team enjoying the sun with Crank Coffee, Comeback snacks and Nuts For Cheese
  • Summer lunch break with Cliff and sons, Daniel and Liam
  • Aish rocking the La Croix hat, strawberry picking in the sun
  • Janel at Henry's grade eight graduation
  • "I googled my symptoms… turned out I just need to go camping" - Aish
  • Sheri's family enjoying summer boat racing in Bent River
  • Sheri's daughter, Jailyn at her graduation
  • Jonluca Neal's 2023 bbq with Gusta, Impossible foods, Alderwood Farms, Simpla and Sunflower Kitchen

 Jonluca Neal’s six founders have more than 150 years of Canadian natural food industry experience. They combine their warehousing, distribution, product, and brand recognition strengths to create Canada’s largest national, family-owned natural food distribution company. The newly merged business will represent; ambient, refrigerated, and frozen goods from coast to coast. Jonluca and Neal Brothers have each successfully blazed trails in the organic and natural food space and Jonluca Neal will continue to build upon this success. 

 Jonluca Neal is committed to bringing best-in-class natural and organic foods to Canadians from coast to coast and to do so with integrity, honesty, and expediency. 

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